What you need to know about IT security

The 21st century is marked by many technological advances. The downside of these advances is that your information may be at risk. Computer security is therefore there to provide solutions to this insecurity. In the rest of this article, we will present you with the essentials of computer security.

What is computer security?

Computer security is simply a set of computer tools and procedures that aim to ensure the integrity of information as well as the security of this information. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more numerous. When they break into a system, they wreak havoc. Whether it is an intrusion into your personal data or an intrusion into a company’s data, it is very dangerous for the integrity of your information. There are several types of IT security and several levels of security in an IT structure. This depends directly on the size of the information you want to keep intact. To ensure good security for your information, it is necessary to call upon structures specialised in this field

What are the criteria for good IT security?


A good computer security must contain a certain number of criteria to allow the inviolability of the stored information. The first criterion that good IT security must meet is the integrity of the information. Computer security must be able to ensure total integrity of the information even if it is used several times. After that, good IT security must be able to ensure the confidentiality of the information. Speaking of confidentiality, the information can only be accessed by those who are authorised to do so. The next criterion that computer security must meet is the security levels. When we talk about security levels, we are simply talking about giving authorisations to people who are entitled to consult this or that information. By taking these few criteria into account, your computer security will be inviolable and will preserve your data for a long time.

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