What to choose between a laptop and a desktop computer?

Computers are very useful today. Whether it is for work or play, a computer is a real gem. Many people hesitate between buying a laptop and a desktop computer. In the following article, we will shed light on what to choose between laptops and desktops.

The advantages and disadvantages of choosing a laptop

There are several advantages to choosing a laptop. The first advantage of laptops is their manoeuvrability. With a laptop you can work anywhere, in your room, on your terrace or at the beach. The second advantage of a laptop is that it is ergonomic. Most laptops today are very stylish and allow you to be proud of your device while doing a good job. Laptops don’t only have advantages, having a laptop also has disadvantages. The first disadvantage is of course the fragility. When you drag your laptop around, it is more likely to get knocked around and become bent. Weather and other environmental factors affect laptops more quickly.

The advantages and disadvantages of choosing a desktop computer

The main advantage of desktops is that they are robust. These computers are mostly durable and do not suffer from weather-related damage. These devices also allow you to do a lot of expansion. With desktop computers, you can have a greater visibility in terms of display if you connect it to your television. You can also plug in a lot of other expansion devices such as additional graphics cards or camera extensions. Desktops also have several disadvantages. The first one on this list is space. It should be noted that desktops take up a lot of space. The second disadvantage is that they are not portable. You can’t carry your desktop computer to work somewhere else. You are forced to stay in the same place even if it doesn’t suit you.

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